Here are the latest announcements of submission of my work and news:

Appearance CANCELED:

Staffing hour cuts forced the cancellation of the April 20th poetry event at the Eaton-Bethlehem Barnes & Noble.


I have been asked to submit two major reviews for the next issue of The Blue Nib magazine. It’s a real honor to be asked to hand in writing, not just send in work blindly to a publication.

I was also asked to send two poems to Turkish Literature and Art and gave them two previously-unpublished pieces. UPDATE: Both poems were published in April!

I will be submitting the manuscript for my third chapbook, New Paths to Eden, during March and April 2019.
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Recently I submitted works to Scarlet Leaf Review, Intermission, Rattle, Ariel Chart, and Progenitor. (Alas, Progenitor did not accept my poems.)

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