End-of-2018 Update

As the year winds down, I hope you are having good days and peaceful nights.

Everyone goes through much in any given year. A few hours ago I found out that a Facebook friend, an artist and poet and all-around wonderful woman, died after fighting cancer for much of the year. To say that’s huge is, of course, inadequate, but it will do for now.

Another friend of mine from real life had some health issues throughout 2018, as did my sister. As did I.

So we keep going, we warriors who can go. We go as far as we can.

Romances change, sometimes nicely, other times not.  Friendships begin ad friendships cool down.

Changes of fortunes, of living conditions, of jobs, of new habits replacing old ones, all of this and more mark a year’s passing.

To rearrange John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s famous line, “Another year over/and what have you done?”

Well, besides my normal credit course teaching at Raritan Valley Community College, this summer I taught for children and teens. Wow! It was both more fun than I imagined and more challenging, too. I learned new skills by teaching younger students, and for that I am very glad. I am also very glad to be asked to return to teach the young set this coming summer.

I produced two chapbooks of poetry, both released late in 2018, Exposed (Soma Publishing and Hidden Constellation Press) and Bloodline (The Blue Nib). Reviews have been extremely good for both books, for which I feel very proud. It’s gratifying to know tat my writing reaches the hearts and minds of readers.

I will be sending out the manuscript for my third chapbook, New Paths to Eden, in early 2019.

There have been many poems and some flash fiction and essay work accepted for publication during 2018.  I thank each editor for picking my work.

And, as ever, I than YOU for reading this.

I raise a toast to you and hope 2019 will be everything you want it to be.

Be kind to yourself and your dreams.



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1 thought on “End-of-2018 Update

  1. Thanks for your year in review, Mike…much to ponder here. May 2019 bring you just enough lessons to keep you humble; just enough love to bring you joy!


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