Exposed from Hidden Constellation Press and Soma Publishing

I am very happy to announce that my chapbook Exposed has been released from Hidden Constellation Press and is available in paperback from Amazon. Some of the poems in Exposed were written during my time in a nursing home as I recovered from an injury which would eventually result in the amputation of my lower right leg. Others were written later and reflect on the healing process and growing older.

An expanded eBook version was created by Soma Publishing which features additional poems, color graphics, and an interview conducted with Soma Publishing’s Sy Albright. Mark Anthony Rossi at Soma did a wonderful job producing this eBook, and I am very proud of both the eBook and paperback.

The paperback is $5 and the eBook is $2.99.

Here is a poem which is in both versions of Exposed, “The cut man”:

The cut man


The cut man bleeding out

time in his bathtub ballet

astride one good foot, hands

on slippery walls as the other foot


to mud.


Water runs, water washes,

showers down   time     an impure thing

runs a ring around him.


Twin terrorists Age and Infirmity strike as one,

some graceless balance,

a trigonometry uniquely his own,

cut man, the mud-foot man.


His balance always off,

his dance of elephant steps.

Water runs as time runs away



Run no more, cut man,

clay man.

Time to stitch time.

Time to dry mud to cement.

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2 thoughts on “Exposed from Hidden Constellation Press and Soma Publishing

  1. Powerfully moving, thank you for “concretizing” such a difficult moment…although I imagine in time, you will recognize the wings you have carried with you from the beginning, your secret powers which remain to be discovered, and exposed. **Congratulations on your first book…I look forward to reading it soon!

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    1. Thank you, Joan! It takes challenge for us to realize our true limits and powers, doesn’t it? I learned to look for silver ling in everything while in the nursing home.

      Please let people know what you think with a review.

      Thank you, again.

      Liked by 1 person

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